Ready for an Adventure

[My son] spent each evening telling about everything he learned during the day. This will be an experience that he will never forget. Thank the whole team for their dedication and generous spirit.” — 2012 Rocky Mountain Summit First Time Attendee

“I love the interaction between the generations, not just the kids and adults, but the adults of different ages and backgrounds. We’ve made a family from the whole country.” — Marla K.

“My favorite activities were hiking Longs Peak with Matt, touring the organic farm, Fly fishing and Listening to Ron C.” — Alan B.

Adrenaline Hikes

“The kids in the chickadees [ages 3-4] were led very well. My child had a blast” — Anonymous

“Ella loved aquatic studies. Lucy loved the trip to the tundra. I loved having the kids engaged in something special so I could head out guilt free for a day of something meaningful to me!” — Beth G., First Time Attendee

“I think what had the biggest impact for me was the enthusiasm of the summiteers and the faculty. It was a reawakening to see how excited folks became just to see a butterfly sipping from a flower or a crawdad in a creek. Sometimes we forget the natural wonders around us and how satisfied a simple discovery can make us feel.” — Kim A.

Smiles for everyone

“There is really nothing out there like FNS. My family and I travelled quite a bit around our little blue sphere and tried quite a few vacations on for size…. yet year after year we keep coming back to FNS.” — Michael S.

“This was my first Summit so was a totally new experience for me. It was great to meet so many wonderful people and to see whole families enjoying nature, old friends and making new ones.” — Linda Y.

“Young Teen Group Leaders were really caring, fun and supportive. I really enjoyed “Green Lifestyles” in previous summits and would like to see this event again. It was very attractive to have FNS discover new locations for summits.” — Anonymous

Sing alongs

I love getting together with like-minded nature enthusiasts. The entire staff I was involved with was very accommodating and eager to please.” — Nancy H.

“I really like the “green tours”. They seem well-attended and really keep people thinking about what they can do locally for their home environments.” — Sallie M.

“Every child in America should go to a Family Nature Summit….at least once! We would be a better country for it, I’m convinced.” — Helen S.