Youth/Teen Programs

We hope to focus that vision on the beauty and excitement of our natural world during the Family Nature Summit.

Child Care (2 and under)


Child care is available from 7:30 A.M. to 5:00 P.M., for children age 2 and under. Toddlers and infants are well cared for by experienced staff. Child care for children age 3 to 12 is also available prior to and after their regularly scheduled programs. There is a nominal per hour fee for the Child Care Program.

Childcare Director: Spring Steffen

Early Discovery Program (ages 3 & 4)

Hiking in the Rockies

This half-day program for three and four year olds will be a fun filled week exploring their natural environment. We encourage children to observe and show care and compassion for all living creatures. Children will stimulate their imaginations by participating in nature games, songs, stories, crafts, and outdoor explorations.

Curiosity walks in the local habitat will engage children in using their senses to learn about the world around them. Be prepared for adventure as we explore.

They will get a close look at nature’s magical gifts, and take home memories.

Junior Naturalists (ages 5-12)

Service Project -- Building a natural playground

Kids will discover exciting new adventures in a program designed especially for them.

Activities are age appropriate with the four Junior Naturalist groups divided by grade level. The activities are designed to educate while having fun.

The children will leave the  Family Nature Summit with an enhanced awareness and better understanding of our natural world.

They will learn about the environment and ecosystems of the area through games, field trips, crafts, workshops, songs, hikes and other activities.

At the end of the week, Junior Naturalists will go home having made new friends, and having developed a greater conservation ethic. Family Nature Summits hires experienced environmental educators to spend the week with your children. These educators have first aid certification and are knowledgeable conservationists.

Teens (ages 13-18)

The Teen program nurtures a youth’s conservation ethic while building outdoor skills in a safe, fun atmosphere. It is designed to challenge the youth both physically and mentally.

Teens spend the week discovering the natural beauty of the area while problem solving around local environmental issues in hands-on activities facilitated by local conservation professionals.

The week’s physical challenges may include strenuous hikes, kayaking and an overnight camping trip. Teens will participate in a local service project led by biologists and/or area conservation professionals.

There may be special adventure outings at a low additional cost. A one-time fee will cover any equipment rental or guide services. Payment is made on registration day.

Specific needs and schedules will be identified in the Family Nature Summit Handbook prepared before the summit and available on our website.

Teen Program Director: Joel Schroeder
Teen Program Faculty: James Sherrard
Teen Enrollment Form
Link to 2017 Lake Tahoe Teen Schedule.