Weber, Jill

Biology, Ecology, Wetlands

Jill Weber is a consulting biologist and ecologist who has worked in Maine for over twenty years. She received her Bachelor’s degree in botany from the University of Northern Colorado and her Master’s degree in botany from the University of Maine. Following a brief post-graduate stint as a tree physiology researcher, Jill turned her attention to consulting. Much of the early work consisted of inventories of public and private lands to locate rare plant populations. As new approaches to plant conservation biology evolved, Jill’s projects became more ecological in nature.

With associate Sally Rooney, Jill has assisted the Nature Conservancy, the Maine Department of Conservation, various land trusts, and Acadia National Park. Projects for Acadia include sampling for a vegetation map, development of rare plant management plans for the Park’s rare plant species, and a study of the abundance and distribution of invasive plant species at Acadia. In 2010 she and coauthors Glen Mittelhauser, Linda Gregory and Sally Rooney published The Plants of Acadia National Park, a guide to the vascular flora of the region. She recently assisted with the development of the New England Wild Flower Society’s Go Botany plant identification website and she is currently serving as a Dixon Schoodic Scholar.