Lane, John



John Lane became interested in butterflies at age 11 and ultimately received an MA in Zoology from U. C. Davis working on Juniper Hairstreak butterflies, which are still a personal research interest. His work career centered on Museum Education, first at the Santa Cruz City Museum for 13 years, then 12 years with California State Parks in Sacramento where he became an Interpretive Trainer, and developed age-appropriate tour programs for children. He got into monarch butterflies by accident, but ended up surveying the state’s coastline for overwintering monarch colonies, and working as Pacific Grove’s consultant (many years ago). He is comfortable with all ages, and has a passion for butterflies and science, all with a sense of humor.

A personal statement: I think a significant formative teaching experience for me was when I taught weekend “California’s Overwintering Monarch Butterfly” classes for U. C. Extension, costing those folks a whole lot of bucks. Imagine taking a busload of those folks out into the forest, to stand out in the rain, to LOOK UP!