Kinsella, Marilyn


Marilyn Kinsella, Taleypo the Storyteller, of Fairview Heights, IL, has been telling stories since 1981. She tells stories “…from nursery schools to nursing homes.” Her folktales come from many cultures, but her favorite stories are those she wrote about growing up in her small, Mid-western town. Her stories are full of energy and a delicate blend of action and word imaging. As a full-time, free-lance teller she travels to where stories want to be told. Besides telling, she often leads workshops, writes, and performs puppet plays.

In 2010, she became a published author with her book Storytelling and QAR Strategies. She has told stories to hundreds of schools and libraries in the Midwest and has been featured at many festivals and special events including The St. Louis Storytelling Festival Under the Arch, The Celtic World Festival in Ohio, Cahokia Mounds, and The Illinois Storytelling Festival.