Kilpatric, Amy


As a young teen, Amy Kilpatric attended the very first conservation summit that was held at the YMCA of the Rockies. When she became a parent she wanted her own children to experience the joys of being Summiteers, so she and her husband, Michel Lillmars, packed up their three little girls, along with the water bottles, ponchos, binoculars and field guides and headed to another Rocky Mountain summit. The daughters were hooked and continued to encourage Mom and Dad to take them to summits all over the country.

As a native of the Ozark area, Amy Kilpatric spent her childhood climbing trees, playing in the woods behind her home, going on wildflower walks, and floating on the crystal clear water of the Ozarks streams. She continues to share her love of the natural world with children in her position as the lead science and nature teacher at Community School in St. Louis county. Every year Amy leads her sixth grade science students on geology tours of Meramec Springs Park and Onondaga Cave. During a camping trip to the area, Amy assists her students in water quality monitoring of streams in the Meramec River Watershed. Amy is delighted to have the opportunity to share her love of the Ozarks with her fellow Summiteers.