Harding, Katie



Chris and Katie met as students at Oregon State University, and have been collecting dragonflies together ever since. They have explored the life history of the petaltail (Petaluridae) dragonflies in Northern California, Oregon, Ohio and Tennessee. They have also explored more exotic regions by studying damselflies in the Azores Islands, Fiji Islands, and in Canada, Peru, and Spain. Chris is a specialist in behavior, ecology, and evolution; he teaches courses on these topics at Santa Clara University. Katie specializes in toxicology and statistics, and works for a biotech company in Hayward, California. They have lived in California for 5 years, and spend their time hiking, and paddling in both Monterey Bay and the San Francisco Bay Area. This will be Katie’s 13th Summit; she attended several summits with her family in the 1980s and ‘90s. She is excited to bring Chris along to his first Summit in Monterey.