Hadden, Lee

Biology, Educator

Lee Hadden has been a vacationer in the Adirondacks all of his life, beginning with his parents taking him and his sisters as children [actually before he can remember going as a baby], and that vacation tradition continues as he and his own children [and his mother and family friends] still gather at Indian Lake every August. He is Professor of Biology at Wingate University in Wingate, NC. He received the BS in Biology from Muhlenberg College and the MA and Ph. D. in Biology from Wake Forest University. Lee has taught college students for over 40 years and is beginning his 34th year at Wingate University.

He is the father of three children, one of whom, Christi, is in her 7th year as a Summit faculty member. He is also a colleague at Wingate University of Marilyn Hartness, another veteran Summiteer. Lee has taught a wide selection of college biology courses including Environmental Biology and Microbiology, and currently teaches Plant Biology, Human Biology, and Scanning Electron Microscopy. His favorite classroom is the out-of-doors and his favorite style is a “walk and talk” format.

He enjoys nature, camping, kayaking, canoeing and sailing, gardening, and woodworking and coppersmithing. As a woodworker, he appreciates trees beyond their biology, and enjoys using “nature’s art” in his work as well as photographing plants typifying “nature’s sculpture” in general. He is thrilled to be a “Summiteer” for the second time [his first time was at the Summit in 2002 at Big Sky].