Goff, Cathy J.



Cathy J. Goff obtained her BS in Geology from San Jose State University (1983, magna cum laude). From 1978 to 2002, Cathy was employed by the US Geological Survey, Menlo Park, California and became a specialist on the fluid geochemistry of geothermal and volcanic systems. From 1983 to 1990 she conducted major projects at Los Azufres and Cerro Prieto (Mexico), Klamath Falls (Oregon), Valles caldera (New Mexico), Salton Sea, Long Valley Caldera, and The Geysers-Clear Lake (California), Makushin Volcano (Alaska), Yellowstone National Park (Wyoming), geothermal systems in Guatemala, Costa Rica and Honduras, and Lassen Volcanic National Park (California). In 1986-1987, Cathy attended Stanford University under the USGS Geologic Division Graduate School Training Scholarship (competitive award). At Stanford, Cathy studied physical and fluid geochemistry of geothermal and ore-depositing systems; determine d the stable isotope properties of epidote in active and fossil hydrothermal systems; and investigated fluid-mineral equilibrium in the State 2-14 well, Salton Sea geothermal system. In 1990 she became Chief of the Chemical Processes in Geothermal Systems Project and performed several special assignments on the Kilauea Volcano geothermal system (Hawaii), the Alid geothermal system (Eritrea) and the Dixie Valley geothermal system (Nevada). From 1995 to 2002, Cathy worked on the Magmatic Volatiles and Hydrothermal Systems Project with special emphasis on the Cascades and Aleutian volcanic arcs, and a project at Popocatépetl volcano (Mexico). In 2002, Cathy retired from the USGS and moved to New Mexico where she is a consultant and part-time contributor to the New Mexico StateMap Program (2003-present).