Foxx, Terry



Teralene (Terry) Foxx is an ecologist, writer, artist, and storyteller. These interests support each other in her understanding of the world around us. As a scientist, in the field of botany and ecology, she has done teaching, research and writing about plant ecology, fire ecology and conservation ecology. She worked in conservation and compliance ecology at Los Alamos National Laboratory for 20 years and is retired. Using her skill as a storyteller, she connects adults and children, in schools, churches, nature centers, with nature and what is around them. In art, she uses pencil, pen, brush, or needle and thread to document observations to express how she feels or what she sees. She has taught classes for the novice in wildflower identification, journal writing, and fire ecology at the University of New Mexico, Los Alamos, Los Alamos Nature Center, and Ghost Ranch. Beginning in 1975, she began a long-term study on fire in the ecosystems of Bandelier National Monument. She personally has experienced wildfire, evacuation, and the recovery of the landscape and the community of Los Alamos during and after the Cerro Grande fire.

Presently, she is writing a book on the Plants of the Jemez Mountains with Craig Martin of Los Alamos. This is a revision of a previous book published in the 1980s with Dorothy Hoard. She is the author of a number of professional publications and a children’s book with her daughter Alison Carlisi, called “The Forest and the Fire” published by the Los Alamos Historical Society. For more information see her website