Fenyk, Heather, Ph.D., AICP/PP



Heather Fenyk, Ph.D., AICP/PP loves sea monkeys, oatmeal cookies and her daughter’s jokes. She is President of the non-profit Lower Raritan Watershed Partnership, New Jersey’s newest watershed association, which she founded as a way to marry environmental stewardship and “civic science” with environmental restoration. Heather teaches environmental courses at Rutgers University. She is also a big believer in K-grey environmental education, and developed the Project WADES (Watershed Action Dialogue Education and Stewardship) curriculum that merges art and civic science for nature learning at all ages. In her academic work Heather looks at the role of civic science in shaping environmental policy, especially as it relates to climate change. She is happiest when she is stream walking and taking water quality measurements with her family.