Boggs, Ryan

Wildland Firefighter, Wildlife Biology

Ryan Boggs is the executive director of Legacy Land Trust. He came to Legacy Land Trust with nine years experience with Colorado Chapter of The Nature Conservancy. Ryan received his B.S. in Wildlife Biology from Colorado State University and is a native of Fort Collins with many family members in the area. He started his conservation career at the Phantom Canyon Preserve in the Laramie Foothills area of Larimer County and later served as a Project Director for the Aiken Canyonlands and Chico Basin areas. As an experienced wildland firefighter he also worked on forest and fire restoration as well as land protection issues. Ryan brings a wealth of land conservation experience to Legacy Land Trust along with a desire to bring a balanced and healthy land protection program to our Front Range communities. Growing up in Fort Collins gives him a perspective on the rapid changes that have taken place and he sees many opportunities for retaining some of the rural patterns that make our three county area such a unique and inspiring place in which to reside.