Release Form


    I. Informed Consent, Waiver of Liability and Release from Risk

    You will be participating in the Family Nature Summit (the “Summit”). You have read the Summit Enrollment Materials and acknowledge that you will be engaged in various activities described in those materials, including activities that may involve known and unknown risks too numerous to describe, but including without limitation the hazards of exposure to the risk of serious and/or permanent disability from injury and/or disease and death. Your decision to participate in the Summit is made voluntarily with the knowledge of the risks involved, and in doing so you assume all of the risks inherent in such an undertaking.

    You, on behalf of yourself, your heir(s), next of kin, personal representative(s) and assign(s), fully and forever release, forgive, acquit and discharge (a) Family Summits, Inc., (b) each and every entity which is controlled by Family Summits, Inc., (c) each and every individual and/or company involved in the Summit (hereafter referred to individually and collectively as “Affiliated Entities and Persons”), as well as (d) each and every one of the heirs, executors, legal representatives, predecessors, successors, assigns and/or partners of FAMILY SUMMITS, INC. and/or each and every one of the Affiliated Entities and Persons and (e) each and every officer, director, trustee, agent, representative, attorney, and employee, past, present or future, of FAMILY SUMMITS, INC. and/or any of the Affiliated Entities or Persons of and from any and all responsibility or liability for (1) any injury to your person or property (including without limitation any disease or its effects), (2) any and all claims, demands, actions, causes of action, losses, fees, charges, obligations, costs, expenses, judgments and liabilities of whatever kind, nature or description (including without limitation claims based on the alleged negligence of any party hereby released) which may arise or result directly or indirectly from your involvement in the Summit, and (3) any conditions beyond the control of FAMILY SUMMITS, INC. and/or any of the entities and persons released from liability in this paragraph, including without limitation acts of God; weather; detention; annoyance; delays and expenses arising from quarantine; strikes; theft; pilferage; force majeure; military, political, or terrorist action; civil disturbances; government restrictions and regulations; and delay or cancellation of changes in itinerary or schedules.

    II. Quotation, Directory Information and Photo Release

    You give FAMILY SUMMITS, INC. permission to publish quotations from your evaluation form in any form of media or manner. FAMILY SUMMITS, INC. will list your name, address, and email address in a Summit directory for distribution to this year’s Summit participants only. You further give FAMILY SUMMITS, INC. the right to use, publish, reproduce, modify, adapt and distribute at any time and in any form of media or manner (1) photographs taken of you or your property while participating in Summit activities by FAMILY SUMMITS, INC., its agents or other third parties, or (2) photographs that you have voluntary submitted of you or your property while participating in Summit activities (the “photographs”). In the event that the photographs submitted by you are of someone or something other than you or your property, you have obtained permission and/or have the ability and authority to submit such photographs for FAMILY SUMMITS, INC. use.

    No payment will be made to you for the use of the photographs. FAMILY SUMMITS, INC. shall not publish your name or address in connection with any photograph without your consent. However, FAMILY SUMMITS, INC. may publish the photographs with quotations provided or submitted by you. You further understand that FAMILY SUMMITS, INC. may not be able to return the original photographs that you have submitted. You agree that FAMILY SUMMITS, INC. does not need your consent or approval of the finished product or products, and the copy or other matter that may be used in connection with the photographs, or the use to which the photographs might be applied.

    III. Parent or Legal Guardian of Participant Minor

    A parent or legal guardian must co-sign this document if the Summit participant is under the age of eighteen. In the event that the participant is a minor and a parent or legal guardian’s signature is required, each and every paragraph within this document shall apply to and hold the parent or legal guardian liable for the minor’s involvement in the Summit. In particular, the minor’s parent or legal guardian agrees to indemnify, protect and forever save harmless, individually and jointly, each of the entities and persons released from liability by the preceding paragraphs of and from any loss, cost, fee, expense, charge, demand, obligation, claim, actions, cause of action, liability or judgment arising directly or indirectly from or out of the minor’s involvement in the Summit.

    IV. Acknowledgment

    You hereby certify that you have read this document and understand it. Your submission to the terms of this document are your free and voluntary act and deed, and you acknowledge that this document shall be binding upon you and your heirs, legal representatives and assigns.

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