Important Information About Lake Tahoe Summit!

We are thinking about shaking things up for our 2017 Lake Tahoe Summit. Let us know what you think about the potential program offerings:

  • Dave Linthicum (Hiking Director) and Jeff Harding (Birding) have agreed to change places. That’s right! Dave L. will be leading the early morning bird hikes, that is if he can find his binoculars. And Jeff Harding will be in charge of orienteering. If anyone gets lost, just check out eBird.
  • Joel Schroeder will be in charge of Daycare and Michael Shelby will be in charge of the teens. Joel’s response on hearing about the change, “there isn’t much difference between the two groups”. Joel’s response to Michael Shelby teaching the Teens, “there isn’t much difference between Michael and the Teens”.
  • Ballet Dancing – instead of our regular evening of square dancing, Steve Houser will be inviting all of those under the age of 7 years old and who are currently taking Ballet, up to the stage and will ask them to perform.
  • Chris Blank will be conducting an in-depth study of mother / daughter relationships. It is important for those attending this class to have previously watched all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls.
  • Mathematics – Pamela Morrison will present a mandatory class every day to the Junior Naturalists reviewing the beauty of the quadratic equation.
  • Quilting – Dean Kullman’s GoPro recently retired and turned itself into a long arm. Fortunately for us, he has taken up Quilting. He plans on teaching 3 or 4 Quilting classes, including a beginner class! He may even bring a few of his completed Quilts to show us.
  • Dave Egan took a break from looking down at the rocks and looked up at the night sky. He has stopped caring about Pangea and is now passionate about Astrology and Horoscopes. Dave has offered to create Astrology Charts for any interested Summiteer.

Of course, this is all in good fun and none of it is real.
Happy April Fool’s Day!