Hiking Program

May31, 2017 — Hot off the presses — the schedule and descriptions of the specific hikes

Spreadsheet for the Tahoe Summit Hikes (including specific dates and times!!)
Descriptions for the Tahoe Summit Hikes
Important Safety Information for Tahoe Summit Hikes

We are pleased to announce that we have Dave Linthicum as the Director of our hiking program! We are also working on lining up some local guides as well as our returning guides.

New Tahoe Hikes for 2017!!!

You may have been to a Tahoe Summit before, but we have barely scratched the surface of this hiking mecca!

In 2017 we will have not one, not two, but three Donner Pass Hikes! We’ll traverse the backyard of our new hike leader, Dave Mahler, on the ridges of the area’s highest peak, Mount Rose.

We’ll tackle the jewel of the Lake Tahoe peaks, Mt. Tallec, using a great Desolation Wilderness loop route unknown to 95% of Mt. Tallec hikers.

Also new at the 2017 Summit will be a Day One “Intro to Alpine Hiking” hike at Donner Pass and a Day One easy hike to an all-encompassing Lake Tahoe View.

For those so inclined, we’ll offer a rarely used off-trail hike past Cascade Falls to remote Azure Lake.

In 2010 snow stopped us from reaching the stunning High Sierra views from Granite Chief Peak. This year we are guaranteed no snow in August, and unlike 2010, we plan on riding the Squaw Valley aerial tram back down!

All in all, it will be a whole new hiking program for those looking for different vistas and different experiences on the Tahoe trails in 2017!

Hikes for the Easy-going Hikers

If it’s your first Family Nature Summit, you’re sure to be dumfounded with all the amazing options. “I had literally a hundred adult outdoor-oriented activities from which to pick and choose,” exclaimed one enthusiastic first-time Summiteer. “An easy morning hike, an afternoon paddle, an even easier nature ramble, and a tougher hike as the week went on…whatever level of outdoor exertion and as many environmental interpretation programs that my little heart desired.”

In 2017 The Family Nature Summit will be based at the beautiful Granlibakken Resort at Lake Tahoe, midway between the Donner Pass peaks (remember the Donner Party?) and the picturesque lakes of the Desolation Wilderness. Kids will enjoy the all-day, top-tier youth programs while singles and couples will be reveling in the adult outdoor oriented nature programs or hikes from morning to mid-afternoon.

We will have two Day One hikes perfect for those who are new to hiking or new to the area: The Intro to Alpine Hiking or the Hike to Picnic Rock with its panoramic view of the lake. Our hiking groups of five to twenty participants are famously friendly and helpful. The guides will share insights about the flora and fauna of this natural paradise. On each hike two highly experienced hike leaders guarantee a safe experience at whatever pace works for you. Oh…and we’ll stroll to so many dramatic lakes, dizzying High Sierra views and remote
crystalline lakes (for a wade or swim) that you’ll be stunned. “That four mile hike was so much fun and there was so much to see, I forgot I was even breaking a sweat.”

Hikes for the Hardy Hikers

What could be better than an early August week of peak bagging around Lake Tahoe – off-trail scrambling on Castle Peak’s volcanic slopes, challenging the dramatic Donner Pass, exploring trail-less alpine valleys to reach truly remote lakes? How about doing it all with like-minded adventurers at a Family Nature Summit?

This year will burst with adrenaline challenges including kayaking, high ropes, X-treme hiking and orienteering for the adventurous ones of us. And did we mention the always popular Adventure Race on land and “sea”?

This year’s Summit, based at the Granlibakken Resort, is ideally situated to explore the High Sierra Peaks and the picturesque lakes of the Desolation Wilderness. We’ll reach the 10,000 foot slopes of Mt Rose, then tackle that jewel of peaks, Mt. Tallec, as a loop hike with a not-for-the faint-hearted, butt-kicking 3,400 foot climb in the first four miles!

You’ll want to be in good shape, but at a Family Nature Summit, singles and couples of all ages can choose from over 100 activities during the week, from easy to strenuous. Your week can be more action oriented or more appreciative of the glories of nature around Lake Tahoe. While your kids or less-adventurous friends have a menu of their own from which to choose, you can “do your own thing” from peak to lake to peak.