Class Enrollment

Pre-Enrollment and Full Enrollment

Pre-Enrollment Period (limited time):

Opens 11 AM ET, June 3rd and closes 11:59 PM ET on June 8th
Pre-enrollment allows individuals to troubleshoot any issues in advance and become more familiar with the system before full enrollment opens on June 10th.

Full Enrollment:

Opens 11 AM ET, June 10th

What Can I Do During Pre-Enrollment?

  • Adults can sign up for any classes that have no enrollment limits
  • Youth can be signed up for classes that have no enrollment limits that run outside of the youth program hours
  • Adults can sign up for classes where additional sessions can be opened based on interest (so be sure to sign up even if a class is full). You will be contacted prior to the opening of full enrollment with the new option(s). This option is also available for some family time activities.

Documents for 2017 Summit Enrollment

Below is a list of documents you will want to review in order to prepare for enrollment:


Full enrollment will open at 11 am ET on June 10, 2017. In order to prevent unnecessary frustration at the time you are attempting to sign up for classes, we strongly recommend you taking advantage of the new option for pre-enrollment.

IMPORTANT: Both adults and children can be signed up for classes, but children can only be enrolled in classes before 8 am and those starting 3:30 or later.


This is for 2017 paid registrants only. If you have not yet registered for the 2017 Summit, please visit the 2017 Summit page for the registration form.

To start the enrollment process:

  • The easiest way to log in to RegOnline is to find your confirmation email and look for “Review, change, or update your registration”.
  • If you are unable to find your confirmation email or did not receive one, click here and then then click CONTINUE. Enter your password and then click CONTINUE.
  • Review instructions below for signing up for classes.

The following documents provide additional, detailed instructions:


  1. Once pre-enrollment opens on June 3rd and then again on June 10th, log in following the instructions above, look to the right of the screen and click on the “Activities” link (directly under the “Personal Info” link).
  2. You will then be taken to the screen with checkboxes to make your class selections (IMPORTANT: The system will not allow overlapping class options.)
  3. Once full enrollment opens, if a class shows as full, be sure to sign up for the waitlist. We will be continually monitoring the system and doing what we can to make space. If you do get into a waitlisted class, you will automatically be bumped from ANY AND ALL conflicting activities (as the assumption by the system is that you wanted the waitlisted class more). So please be careful when selecting a waitlist activity.
  4. Children are welcome to take part in the activities that take place before 8 am and after 3:30 p.m.

To enroll in classes/hikes:

  • Classes/hikes are listed by date/time order online and then alphabetically in the handbook.
  • For more details about a specific class/hike, click on “Details”. A pop-up box will open that includes a clickable link for the faculty member’s bio and any links for additional information provided by the instructor.
  • To add an activity to your schedule, click on the box to the left of the description. If there is a fee, it will be noted. Fees can be paid by credit card in advance at the time of enrollment or can be paid by cash, check or credit card at the Summit.
  • Programs before 8 am and after 3:30 pm are open to everyone (unless otherwise noted).
  • To make changes after you have completed enrollment, you will select to edit your “Activities”.
  • Add/drops and payments can be handled on Monday at Summit check-in and throughout the week at the office for anyone who needs assistance/computer access and for those who are unable to make payments online or prefer to pay by check or cash. Enrollment changes relating to the next day’s schedule can be made up until 4:30 pm the day before.

If you are having any issues logging in or if the “Agenda” is not showing up on your computer, it is recommended that you try a different browser. If that still does not resolve the issue, you can email Heather at for assistance.

Class Enrollment is now available as a Mobile App

  • Did you know the RegOnline system comes with a mobile app? This handy app will allow you to review your schedule and make changes from your phone.
  • Check your confirmation email from your phone for the link that will allow you to access your enrollment from your mobile device.
  • The app will only work for the primary registrant, so each person would need to sign up for their own classes in order to be able to utilize the app.
  • Registration for TREETOP ADVENTURE PARK

    On the grounds of Granlibaken, North Tahoe Adventures operates the Treetop Adventure Park.

    If you or any eligible member of your party is interested in trying out the Treetop Adventure Park, you will need to act during the Pre- Registration Period or during Registration.

    This will not be part of any of the Junior Naturalist, Teen, Young Adult, or Adult Programs. Instead, Family Nature Summits has reserved the entire Adventure Park during Family Time for the exclusive use of our Summiteers, but you must register in advance!

    Registrations will not be available onsite. The Treetop Adventure Park is always sold out during the summer, which is why if you are interested, you will want to sign up now.

    Treetop Adventure Dates & Time
    Tuesday, August 8th from 3:30 – 6:30 PM
    Thursday, August 10 from 3:30 – 6:30 PM
    Kids – $45 for kids 5-12
    Adults – $55 for Adults 13+

    Who is Eligible?
    It is suitable for ages 5+ at least 4’8″ tall, and all levels of athleticism.

    Additional Information
    The Treetop Adventure Park offers a variety of courses, from kids’ zip lining to a thrilling adventure ropes courses.

    All Treetop Adventure Park participants will be outfitted in climbing harnesses and helmets and be connected to a belay system making it virtually impossible to completely disconnect from the safety cable.

    In addition to the 50+ platforms and bridges comprising the monkey courses, the treetop adventure park is family friendly!

    The Flying Squirrel zone caters to the young adventurers, ages 5+ and beginning climbers.
    The Flying Squirrel zone consists of 3 different kids’ courses and includes a variety of bridges and zip lines, some almost 300 feet long!

    You do not want to miss this adventure!

    For additional information, click on the Treetop Adventure Park link below.

    Treetop Adventure Park