History & Mission

Starting with the first ‘Conservation Summit’ in July of 1970, the National Wildlife Federation played host to hundreds of families and thousands of individuals at diverse locations throughout the North American continent (including Alaska and Hawaii).

Although the National Wildlife Federation is no longer the direct provider of the Family Summits program, NWF has assisted and encouraged Family Summits, Inc. to continue to provide opportunities for families and individuals to experience and learn about nature together in the Family Nature Summits community. Family Summits, Inc. was created by a group of NWF member families and Summit participants dedicated to keeping the Summit tradition since 2006.

Mission Statement

To emphasize education and advocacy with respect to wildlife preservation and conservation; to provide a multi-generational nature experience; to promote education, family, environment, history and culture within the context of the Summit format; and to promote the betterment of the communities which it serves.